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WHS Consultants & Educators

ASLS is a leading provider of WHS services, safer delivering high quality consultancy and training outcomes to clients.



Since July 1 2015 ASLS has a fresh new and lively ownership with a restructured management and operations team at Australian Safety and Learning Systems (ASLS). The New Management and the ASLS Team of Staff, Consultants, Facilitators and Trainers will continue to provide unbiased professional advice to both past and new clients. The ASLS Team of Consultants are very capable of facilitating a broad scope of training courses and in providing consultancy services to a wide range of industries including, but not limited to the following;

  • Small and Medium Business – Construction, Housing Industry, Shopping Centre Development, Commercial Buildings, Industrial, Roads, Railway, Tunnels, Bridges
  • Transport & Logistics – Warehousing, Load, Unload, Traffic Management & Control
  • Engineering – Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical Engineering and Process Plants
  • Oil & Gas – CSG, LNG Plants (Pipelines Onshore & Offshore), Production Platforms
  • Power Stations – Coal, Oil and Gas Fired
  • Mineral Processing – Surface & Underground, (Coal, Metalliferous, Mineral Sands), Ore Handling Plant:- Crushers, Screens, Conveyors, Shiploaders
  • Government – Infrastructure, Defence
  • Major Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

ASLS will continue to partner with industry and create step change improvements in workplace health, safety and environment. ASLS will achieve this through increasing our clients’ capabilities in implementing practical health, safety and environment training and management systems to enhance their business outcomes and results.

ASLS’s team of dedicated Consultants and Trainers have the right mix of professional qualifications, conceptual expertise and are proficient in the application of work health, safety and environmental statutory obligations of most states of Australia, for all government, commercial and industrial business activity, inclusive of coal and metalliferous mining, construction, marine, transport and other work related activities.

ASLS clients are assured of high quality consultancy services, learning and assessment materials, nationally recognised courses and the support of responsive and friendly administrative staff.
With the combined resources of Australian Safety and Learning Systems (ASLS) and our Business Partner ‘Healthy Business Training Academy’ (HBTA) – National Training Provider, RTO No.30831, with representative offices in most states, ASLS are one of the leading providers of cost effective solutions for work health, safety and environmental solutions in Australia. We will continue to deliver best practice through our team of professional consultants, trainers and educators. This blend of capability, knowledge of industry, matched with our professional and technical expertise, will take ASLS and its Clients to where we all strive to be in terms of work health, safety and environmental culture and compliance in today and tomorrows competitive market place.

ASLS Professional Practitioners – Delivering a Safer Workplace.



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