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Archive: March 2014

WHS Legislation – Safe business is good business!

The Queensland Government’s Online safety benchmarking tool provides employers and business owners with a simple and effective way of assessing their workplace safety culture and practices. By taking this free 15 minute self assessment, businesses will be able to quickly and easily assess shortfalls in their compliance to relevant WHS legislation. Employers and business owners…

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Compliance: What Does Success Look Like?

Tanya Conole, Safety Professional and ASLS Guest Blogger looks at the changing way ‘safety success’ is measured. Health and safety professionals have a strong role to play in the front end of the compliance journey i.e. identification of requirements and assistance in getting started, but they also have a role to play in tracking and…

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Are you a Safety Advisor or a Safety-Doer?

Tanya Conole, Health & Safety Professional & ASLS Guest Blogger investigates how your actions as a Safety Professional affects the ownership of safety in the workplace. You’re at a worksite and there is discussion around the work and the requirements to do it safely. People turn to you for help. Time to ask yourself how…

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