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Archive: September 2014

ADDIE? Tell me more.

30 Second Vocational Education & Training (V.E.T.) Language Demystifier  Have you heard training professionals talking about ‘A.D.D.I.E.’ however have not been game to ask what it actually stands for? It’s all about the key steps in instructional design. Instructional design in its most basic form aims for a learner-centered approach to instruction, an approach that…

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Today’s pick: Meet the Team!

We have more than 20 years experience providing WHS services to Australia and overseas. ASLS are Professional Practitioners who deliver high quality, cost effective and measurable outcomes to clients. We achieve this through the right mix of professional qualifications, conceptual expertise and practical industry experience. As Professional Practitioners, we partner with clients to provide tailored…

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Older workers can be a great asset!

Recruiting older workers affords a range of mutual benefits By 2056 it is expected that 25% of Australia’s population will be over the age of 65 compared to 13% in 2006 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013). The Australian Research Council published a paper by Comik and Piggott (2012), ”Mature-age labour force participation: Trends, barriers, incentives,…

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