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Archive: October 2014


Identifying Potential Workplace Hazards As safety professionals we know that potential hazards can and do become real.  We know that they can cause great damage and that to identify is to manage. So, how do you identify potential hazards in a work discipline that you may not know much about? For example, I am not…

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Safe Work Australia Month

Virtual Seminar Series – Free Online Event The Australian Strategy Virtual Seminar Series (VSS) is a free online event run throughout Safe Work Australia Month in October, featuring live panels and video presentations by Work Health and Safety Experts. The Virtual Seminar Series (VSS) showcases the latest Work Health and Safety thinking, developments, innovations and…

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Who is Benjamin J. Bloom? Now Featuring: Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.

30 Second Vocational Education & Training (V.E.T.) Language Demystifier Did I hear you say ‘A noted U.S. Educator, who developed a classification system of six levels of learning’? Spot on! The human mind can think on different levels.  The Levels of Learning range from simple and concrete to complex and abstract. For a learner to…

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Trainer’s Guide: Impact of Technology in the Classroom?

As part of Virgin Mobile joining forces with R U OK?, they have recently released interesting facts on how we communicate with each other.  ‘Nearly 79% of Australians believe social media and technology are causing us to lose the art of conversation.’ How has this impacted on your learners in the classroom?  What do you…

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What is your reason for working safe?

Did you know that October is Safe Work Month? Queensland Workplace Health and Safety ask “What’s your most important reason for work health and safety?”  You can share your answer on their Facebook page. My reason is so that I can enjoy holidays with my family,  such as in the photo to the right, where…

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