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Archive: January 2015

Safety culture analysed

Safe Work Australia Releases Safety Culture Report: “Attitudes towards risk taking and rule breaking in Australian workplaces”   Safe Work Australia recently released a paper that analyses safety culture and reports on the attitudes of Australian workers towards acceptance of risk taking and rule breaking in the workplace, as measured by the Perceptions of Work…

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Ice breakers set the tone and environment for your training session The training topic, environment and participant profile will dictate any aspects of the training. Allow the icebreakers to set the tone of the sesson. Couple content with learning, while effectively beginning your training session. Icebreakers assist to set the tone of a training session…

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Changes to Building Fire Safety Regulations

Are your evacuation coordination procedures compliant with the changed Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008?   On the 12 December, 2014 the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 were amended. This legislation applies to all buildings in Queensland that are places of work. The main objects of this regulation are: (a) to ensure persons can evacuate buildings…

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