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Author: Anna Douglas

Free2Go – Road Rules Refresher

Powered by RACQ, it is a website well worth a visit for car maintenance tips, assisting young drivers to obtain their license and take to the road. The Road Rules Refresher was created as an online test to educate learner drivers and those needing a reminder about the Queensland driving rules. The practical test comprises…

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Learning in the Workplace- Indirect Guidance

What do you think about learning in the workplace? We talk about ‘indirect guidance in the workplace’. The workplace environment provides forms of guidance for learning that make a rich contribution to learning. These include: observing and listening to other workers and; the physical environment. Indirect guidance may be provided by other workers, for example…

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Learning: What is in it for me?

Training is defined as any activity that results in learning. Adults look for many things in a training situation.    Professional growth, not being graded.  Practical training  Job-related training Appreciation of thier past experiences  Comfortable, relaxed training  Participation  There are many factors that can affect a person’s ability to learn. The trainer must recognise that…

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Ice breakers set the tone and environment for your training session The training topic, environment and participant profile will dictate any aspects of the training. Allow the icebreakers to set the tone of the sesson. Couple content with learning, while effectively beginning your training session. Icebreakers assist to set the tone of a training session…

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