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Older workers can be a great asset!

Recruiting older workers affords a range of mutual benefits By 2056 it is expected that 25% of Australia’s population will be over the age of 65 compared to 13% in 2006 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013). The Australian Research Council published a paper by Comik and Piggott (2012), ”Mature-age labour force participation: Trends, barriers, incentives,…

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Profile: Older Worker Safety Professional

Ray Harris shares his safety career progression story. Ray Harris is a great example of how older workers can benefit a workplace with their extensive life experience and work skills. This experience is something valuable they can share with younger employees in the workplace. Ray is 71 years old and is currently the Work Health…

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ASLS e-Assessment – Your trainees will love it!

ASLS e-Assessment – Save time and ensure assessments never get lost ASLS Assessment for competencies from the revised RII Training Package will soon be available via the internet. Downloadable to mobile devices, ready to email and print, ASLS e-assessment will save you time and ensure your assessments never get lost. Enrol your trainees online and…

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Attention RII Trainers and Assessors – e-Assessment

ASLS RII e-Assessment Are you tired of managing increasing volumes of paper? Frustrated by the lack of access to up to date assessment materials and keeping track of version controlled documents? Keeping multiple copies of assessments because they constantly go missing? ASLS e-Assessment will save you time and give you real time document control. Up…

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