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Author: Michelle Monaghan

Part 1 – Due Diligence: Under the WHS Act

PART 1: DUE DILIGENCE The Role of an Officer, Under the WHS Act This is part 1 of 6 informative blog articles about the role of an Officer under the WHS Act. The Act prescribes the requirement under s27(1) to exercise due diligence and further expands what this includes in s27(5)(a-f). But first, who is…

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Safety culture analysed

Safe Work Australia Releases Safety Culture Report: “Attitudes towards risk taking and rule breaking in Australian workplaces”   Safe Work Australia recently released a paper that analyses safety culture and reports on the attitudes of Australian workers towards acceptance of risk taking and rule breaking in the workplace, as measured by the Perceptions of Work…

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What is your reason for working safe?

Did you know that October is Safe Work Month? Queensland Workplace Health and Safety ask “What’s your most important reason for work health and safety?”  You can share your answer on their Facebook page. My reason is so that I can enjoy holidays with my family,  such as in the photo to the right, where…

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