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Coal Mining Safety Regs Updated

Coal Mining Safety Regs Updated


Regulatory Changes

Recent amendments to the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 are largely in response to the recent re-emergence of coal workers’ pneumoconiosis in the Queensland coal industry.

These new reforms will commence on 1 January to detect and prevent all forms of coal mine dust lung disease and ensure protection of Queensland coal miners.

The amendments include:

  • prescribe coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (CWP) and other certain occupational diseases notifiable under Queensland’s coal mining and
    mining and quarrying safety and health laws;
  • broaden and clarify coal mine worker health assessment requirements;
  • implement and specify frequent respiratory health screening and chest X-ray examinations for above and underground coal mine workers.
  • introduce voluntary respiratory and chest x-ray examinations for retiring coal mine workers; and
  • strengthen respirable dust management requirements

Find out more about the amendments to the regulation on the Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal.


  • Dr Brian Plush says:

    This is not a re-emergence. It is a correct diagnosis!!!!! It has been incorrectly diagnosed for the last 30 years. It has always been here, but incorrectly diagnosed as emphysema or some other COPD. The only way to stop this insidious disease is to stop it at the source of generation. Once it is airborne, it is almost impossible to remove. More focus is required on engineering controls at the source of generation and quantifying the efficiency of these controls through benchmark analysis. A time weighted average is an average. The current exposure level testing is flawed and cannot quantify respirable dust production. Further, the current exposure levels are not SAFE. No science underpins them. Comprehensive research is required to quantify how much respirable dust needs to be inhaled to cause interstitial fibrosis, which is the commencement point of black lung. Testing needs to be in mg/tonne of coal cut, not TWA, as production is the only thing that creates respirable dust.

  • Thanks for your comment Dr Plush, perhaps the post should read “re-emergence of reported incidences”. Your insights are very valuable, let’s just hope this is the start of more awareness and research into the disease…

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