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Heard of Mind Maps? Let’s navigate through it!

Heard of Mind Maps? Let’s navigate through it!

30 Second Vocational Education & Training (V.E.T.) Language Demystifier

Mind Map. A diagram that can be used visually to organise information. 

Although mind map software is available, they are usually drawn by hand during a meeting or in a classroom as part of a discussion. Often created around a single topic, which is located in the center, lines are drawn from it to expand on any associations. Mind maps are considered to be a type of spider diagram.


Mind Map


Apart from at work, it can be used at home in a personal or family situation too! Bonus.


Anna Douglas

Anna Douglas spends most her time writing and editing content as one of our ASLS Bloggers. She specialises in all matters relating to training and development and one of her favourite things about this is getting to hear from the readers.

She previously worked at Australian Safety and Learning Systems as the Business Operations Manager, as well as delivering the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She provides a comprehensive and practical approach, is well-grounded in theory, and passionate about guiding learning in the workplace. Anna’s blog articles a ‘must read’ for those in the Vocational Education and Training sector. Whether a departmental trainer, a training manager or a training developer at heart, it is a valuable reference for all!

So, come and join the discussion. How does learning actually occur in the workplace?

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