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Today’s pick: Meet the Team!

Today’s pick: Meet the Team!

We have more than 20 years experience providing WHS services to Australia and overseas.

ASLS are Professional Practitioners who deliver high quality, cost effective and measurable outcomes to clients. We achieve this through the right mix of professional qualifications, conceptual expertise and practical industry experience.

As Professional Practitioners, we partner with clients to provide tailored and integrated solutions that make a difference in the safety of your workplace.


  • More than trainers! – ASLS Professional Practitioners create and sustain a high quality consulting relationship with clients and their employees
  • Ability to understand from a management perspective the nature of high risk work
  • An active interest and track record in on-going research into OH&S Risk Management; including future trends, proposed, and pending changes to legislation
  • Ability to transfer skills and knowledge to other VET sector trainers, by mentoring and developing others within an organisation
  • Effectively blend theory, process, and rules, with practical operational applications and outcomes
  • Engage and influence managers and employees to pursue best safety outcomes
  • Design, develop, and deliver high quality training programs – effectively combining theory and academia with pragmatic and experienced based examples.

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