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Trainer’s Guide: Alternative to Lollies in the Classroom?

Trainer’s Guide: Alternative to Lollies in the Classroom?

Have you ever been sat in a lesson and all that you can think about is the bowl of lollies slightly out of your reach?

What are alternatives for snacks in the classroom? Replacing the bowl of lollies can be met with some resistance however there are plenty of options for students. High-fiber fruit with low GIs include apples, bananas, oranges, prunes and dates. Therefore, next time you are planning a training session, think about arranging a bowl of fruit as an alternative. Other snacks include whole-wheat muffins and peas.

Not only do these low glycemic foods release into the body slowly but they also help the body feel full longer. 

Did you know…

A recent six-month US study found that combining behaviour-change education with a low-GI, high-fibre diet, increased test subjects’ desire to eat healthy food and reduced their cravings for fats and sugar. 

In the past, I have found by asking students for feedback throughout the course, it allows you to adjust the snacks and other meals to suit their tastes and work with them to keep them satisfied.

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