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Training for increased work performance and safety standards

Training for increased work performance and safety standards

Training Your Leaders

If you’re a business owner or manager, it’s your legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Part of this is ensuring your employees have the skills and knowledge to contribute to workplace safety and perform work tasks to a high standard.

How do you ensure this?

Are you certain that your team of leaders can assess the competence of workers and contractors, thus maintaining a high level of safety and work performance?

Are you confident that your team of workers and supervisors can ensure high risk or complex work is carried out at the standard you expect?

Participants in ASLS’ Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification learn practical skills such as;

  • Determining competence, skills gaps and the training requirements of workers
  • Planning and facilitating workplace training

The program is run face to face, contextualised to your industry so it’s specific, relevant and current.

By having confident, trained staff, able to identify skills gaps and design and deliver training where necessary, ensures you’re contributing to a culture of workplace safety and increased work performance and productivity.

To find out more about ASLS’ TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, call 1300 260 300 or email

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