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Workplace Injury Facts

Workplace Injury Facts

Industry work health and safety incident statistics

Like it or not, workplace injuries happen in all industries, and can have considerable impact on business as well as individuals.

A well planned and supported return to work is beneficial to both the injured worker and employer.

Throughout QLD there are approximately 86,500 general workplace injuries per year and an average of 43 days are lost from injuries requiring time off work.

Work place Injury Statistics by Industry

  • Agriculture – 1,700 general workplace injuries occur in agriculture a year. 50 days are lost for injuries needing time off work, compared to 43 days for all industries.
  • Construction – There are around 9,000 general workplace injuries in construction a year
    and 55 days are lost for injuries requiring time off work.
  • Manufacturing – There are 18,000 general workplace injuries in manufacturing a year
  • Transport – Around 5,500 general workplace injuries occur in transport a year and 50 days are lost for injuries needing time off work

Download the infographics for industry WHS incident statistics


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  • Helen Gibbons says:

    I conducted research on the classification system of workers compensation claims for the Qld Resources Industry’s OH&S Conference.. The system called TOOCs hides the real extent of psychological injury in the workplace. This is of real concern as organisations set KPI based on these statistics.

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