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Common Questions

Studying at ASLS


Who can attend your course?

Unless otherwise specified, anyone can enrol. Our courses are open to the general public.

Will there be course notes provided?

A range of hard copy material will be available to students during their course. Each student will be issued with a USB stick that contains copies of the course manuals and other resources e.g. legislation, codes of practice, handouts etc.

Do I need to bring lunch?

Unless otherwise stated, most ASLS courses are a full day. Therefore, we recommend that you bring along lunch. There are a number of cafes and food outlets available within the Strathpine Plaza complex if you prefer to purchase your lunch. ASLS venues include tea and coffee-making facilities and a refrigerator to store your lunch.

Where are the courses held?

Almost all courses are held on the ASLS premises. You will receive a confirmation letter containing the full details including address, transport options, parking information or else, see the contact us information.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Phone or in-person: Visa (credit or debit card), MasterCard (credit or debit card); Post, in-person: Cheque, cash. See the ASLS conditions.

Do you offer a payment plan option?

Yes. Please call 1300 260 300 for more information.