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We have more than 20 years experience providing WHS services to Australia and overseas.

My Experience – ASLS Testimonials

Our students are our passion, but don’t just take our word for it. Browse through previous ASLS student testimonials below. Our testimonials give credit to the quality of training at ASLS. New testimonials are added regularly, so please return to this page. 

* Note – Participant’s full names have been reduced to initials for the purpose of privacy. Where no initials are displayed the participant has opted to not have their details shown. For further information on our privacy policy please visit the privacy page of our website.  

“Able to get involved and be able to relate back to my workplace.” 

B.W., RII supervisor

“Good coverage, engaging inclusive of all members of the group.” 

G.B., RII Supervisor

“Very informative, and was very well presented.” 

RII Supervisor

“The facilitator made the course easy to understand and I enjoyed going into the workplace to look around.” 

M.H., H&S Reps

“Extremely informative, the facilitator’s style of training well suited my learning style.” 

K.C., Dip of OH&S

“The facilitator was on the same level as the trainer .The facilitator related course to our workplace.” 

H&S Reps

“Information provided was easy to understand and we were able to move through lots of information in a short period of time.” 

Dip of OH&S

“Easy going, great facilitator, explained everything. Would recommend highly!” 

S.B., H&S Reps

“Very good background experience that greatly aided and gave perspective.” 

P.K., Cert IV OHS

“Great range of material, resources and  involvement from our group, well done!” 


“In-depth and showed my weaknesses, gave me an idea where I need to improve.” 

RII Supervisor

“Took me out of my comfort zone, and proved to myself that I am capable of what I think I’m not.” 

B.J., RII supervisor

“Very good background experience that greatly aided and gave perspective.” 

P.K., Cert IV OHS

“Great mix of theory, practical activities, group work and discussions.” 

Dip of OH&S

“Facilitators and staff easily approachable and helpful.” 


“The facilitator was very patient & made us feel at ease about our presentations.” 

E.B., Cert IV TAE

“Clear, relevant and detailed information provided, that will continue to aid us in the workplace regarding OHS matters.” 

I.B., Cert IV OHS

“The participants were interactive and prepared to share info. The facilitator was knowable and ready to help if required.” 

Dip of OH&S

“Comprehensive delivery of relevant subject matter. Trainer’s instruction style & easy to approach.” 

T.M., Cert IV OHS

“The facilitator brought a lot of experience, real world incidences to discuss, good advice and easy to ask questions.” 

Fire Safety Advisor

“Real stories. Real Experiences.” 

Aaron, Cert IV OHS

“Friendly atmosphere!” 

T. H., Traffic Management Level 2

“Location, times and all criteria was thoroughly met.” 


“Very informative, training mix of media was excellent.” 

K. C., Fire Safety Advisor

“Well structured and well organised.“ 

McPherson, GIQ

“The course was run professionaly with modern amenities.”

J. B., GIQ

“Very informative. A lot of good examples and explainations.”

Jason, GIQ

“A well laid out and presented course.”

D. S., GIQ

“The course was very informative and kept me interested. I have gained an insight into the coal mining industry”

M. J., GIQ

“The facilitator knew her stuff! Quite approachable.”


“Just wanted to give you some feedback on the course last week. I really enjoyed myself as it was good to talk to other people from different fields. The group of 11 seems to be the right amount for all to have some input.  All in all a very enjoyable 2 days.”

V. D., WHSO to Cert IV in OHS Bridging Course

“Having completed the BSZ in distance education format, I found being part of a face-to-face group delivery very valuable. The facilitator did a fabulous job bringing together such a diverse group.”

K. R., TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“The course was challenging and had a lot of information that I didn’t know.”

M. P., TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“Both interesting and informative. The course will be very useful in my workplace.”

G. R.
TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“Well presented, participants were put at ease, course material easy to follow, course was complete – nothing left to do when we walked away. The facilitator was friendly and helpful.”

J. P., TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“The facilitator was very inspiring and motivating as a trainer – gave good, positive feedback and let us know as we were doing activities that we were on, or not, the right track. She then steered us onto the right thinking by using examples and questioning our comprehension.”

J. P., TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“Self paced learning, assistance provided when required but at the same time learning and becoming self reliant with our new knowledge and skills.”

TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“Interesting and informative!”

G. R., TAA Cert IV Blackwater

“The trainer’s professional approach was second to none. Fantastic!”

C. M., TAA Cert IV

“The trainer’s feedback was excellent and very useful for future applications.”

M. B., TAA Cert IV

“First time I have encountered a course that kept focus and the material is very practical. Will recommend ASLS and will use it in my business.”


“[The] facilitator was so professional and helpful. Challenged us to improve and facilitated that improvement.”

L. P., TAA Cert IV

“Well structured. A lot of interaction with other learners was good. ”

P. S. , TAA Cert IV

“No nonsense approach – Plenty of discussion. Facilitator with broad background and experience in the subject.”

P. M. , WHSO

“The attitude, professionalism and supportive nature of the trainer’s delivery of the training was excellent. It made what seemed difficult, not!”


“The instructor was so full of knowledge and anecdotes that explain the subjects studied.”


“The enthusiasm it built in me wanting to absorb what was taught. Thanks ASLS, great training!”

L. P., TAA Cert IV

“Instructor was passionate about the topic. Interesting and informative!”


“Enjoyable, thought provoking course. [The facilitator] was readily able to be engaged and provided entertaining discussion and debate. Informative. ”


“Well educated instructor and a great learning environment.”

M. H., Fire Safety Advisor

“Really enjoyed the course. Very informative and interesting. The facilitator delivered all the components in a professional manner, which was interesting to listen to. Look forward to doing the Diploma.”


“Interesting, easily explained, good mix of DVD’s, and communication information. Information will be very useful in the workplace”


“The knowledge of the trainer was fantastic. Presentation was well presented, and points clearly defined in their context.”

N. S., TAA Cert IV

“Enforced and learnt new ways to identify risk management and/or hazards in the workforce.”


“Good starting point to build on. Very thought provoking!”


“Informative! The facilitator made the course fun in learning about WHSR.”


“Small group work. Interaction with students and facilitation was good.”

Fire Safety Advisor

“Facilitator was very well understood. Great teacher, one of the best courses.”

R. B

“Very high level of understanding. Well done ASLS!!!”

W. C., WHSO to Cert IV in OHS Bridging Course

“Knowledge – Understanding to implement this knowledge into the workplace.”


“We were all treated with respect and given help at all stages.”

Alison, WHSR

“It [WHSR] made you look back further than the accident to see why it happened to start with.”


“[The facilitator’s] feedback and reaffirmation on “where” we were to want we needed to do to improve and reach results. Team was excellent and friendly as we were all nervous.”

K. G., TAA Cert IV

“It was made interesting and enjoyable”


“Was very informative and enjoyable. Learnt a lot which will help me in my role as a HSR. Well treated and friendly people allowed everyone’s opinions.”


“I liked the combination of both theory and practical cases.”

Diploma of Project Management

“Great information, well presented, good visuals, good anecdotal references.”


“The material was very interesting, the facilitator was excellent who knew his material. He was easy to understand, very helpful and very informative.”


“The mix of theory and practical cases”

Diploma of Project Management

“Delivery excellent – Easy to understand and practical to the workplace.”


“I liked the location of the training centre and friendliness of staff. I would certainly come back for more training if needed.”

C. S., Construction Elective

“Facilitator was very helpful and easy to talk to. Most enjoyable. Learnt a lot.”


“The relevance of the material and the facilitators knowledge and application.”