Behavioural Change Strategy
Professional Practitioners delivering a safer workplace.
Goal: Achieving long-term organisational results effectively and safely. Your people unleash your full WHS potentional!
Australian Safety and Learning Systems (ASLS) is a leading provider of work health and safety solutions. We deliver best practice through our team of professional consultants, trainers and educators. This blend of capability, knowledge of industry, matched with our technical expertise, has taken us to where we are today. ASLS Professional Practitioners delivering a safer workplace.

Our qualified consultants have experience in a broad range of industries. ASLS ensures Work, Health and Safety (WHS) consultants with expertise in: 


General Work Health and Safety Coal Mining & Material Handling Maritime Safety
Petroleum & Gas Production Hazardous & Dangerous Goods Electrical Safety
Metalliferous Mining & Quarrying Transport & Traffic Management Construction Projects
Offshore and Onshore Pipelines HAZOP & HAZID Workshops Chemical Process Industry

  • We are proficient in the application of the WHS legislation, the Coal Mining legislation and the Mining and Quarrying legislation in both Queensland and NSW.
  • We manage the organisation’s strategic change agenda, whilst facilitating and supporting your Health and Safety Committee.
  • We provide clear-cut advice to the senior leadership team and safety team; coordinate consultative forums and networks to drive a consistent approach to safety.
  • We facilitate accountability for and visibility of the organisations WHS performance through maintaining WHS governance arrangements and structures. Reporting is established internally as well as externally.
  • We develop and implement WHS competencies at all levels.
  • We manage, distribute and communicate WHS information throughout the organisation using a real-time approach.
  • We coordinate safety leadership activities including awards, training and safety days.

Accomplish powerful WHS results today by unleashing your organisation’s human resources. It’s no accident – guarantee a safe working culture.

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