Studying At ASLS
Five steps to attending an ASLS public course in Brisbane

Deciding what and where to study can be a big decision. These five steps will assist you to navigate the path to enjoying your learning experience with ASLS.

1. Choose your course.

Use the ASLS course overview page to explore what you can study, and find out what pre-requisite requirements are needed for the course you are interested in.

2. Talk to us.

Phone us on 1300 260 300 and ask us about the course.

ASLS Student Checklist: 

  • Is the course right for me? Do I meet the pre-requisites, if there are any?
  • Will there be assistance offered with language, literacy and numeracy requirements? Do I need any computer skills?
  • Will I be required to write assignments and if so, what assistance is provided?
  • Does the course involve any presentations in front of the group? Will there be group work?
  • How will the facilitator assist me? Who do I approach if I am not able to keep up during classroom time?
  • What learning and assessment activities will assigned to me during the course? Will there be assignments to take home in the evening?
  • What job roles can I strive for once I have completed the course?
  • Will I be able to put my learnings into the context of my workplace?

Ring us or simply leave your details and we will contact you. We welcome you to drop in to our training centre in Brisbane and get a feel for our facility.

3. Enrol with ASLS.

Either via the touch of a button online (‘enroll now’ button on each course page) or via the phone when we are talking to you, it’s simple to get started.

Find out more about the benefits of enrolling with ASLS. 

    4. Receive your pre-course information via email. 

    Find out more about the benefits of enrolling with ASLS. 

    5. For face-to-face courses, receive a courtesy reminder to attend your course. 

    • A few days prior to your course, ASLS will endeavor to send a courtesy reminder. Make sure you have marked your dates in your diary.
    • Be sure to have made a note of the location of the ASLS branch.
    • On the first day, reception will sign you in and direct you to your class, where you will meet your facilitator.

    Remember, we are here to assist to sort out any arrangement to help you to have an enjoyable learning experience with ASLS.

    Contact us on 1300 260 300, we’d love to hear from you.


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